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Brochure-part 3

  • Number of employees:

Currently, we have a workforce consists of almost fifty five people working in different departments of our company. We can’t truly say that we believe in the greatness of nature without including the sole bearer of life in our journey. That’s why women have such a crucial role in making us who we are.

We are trying to do our bit in empowering women by giving them the necessary platforms, financial stability, and the space to shine. We can proudly say that 40% of our workforce consists of women employed across various business divisions and manufacturing processes. They are the reason behind our exponential growth trajectory. They are the true-life bearers of our company as well.

  • Color option:

Light Yellow Pink, Red, Brown, Flashes.

  • Transport:

We recommend, it would be a shipment FOB Mongla Sea Port, Khulna, Bangladesh.

  • Payment Terms :

LC for 60( Sixty) days Or TT



LOPO’s cooperative factory has entitled as manufacturer, exporter, importer and distributor. it has long experience of export and import business. It is a family run business from very long time. JS Traders and Rupom Shipping Line (Exporting Jute Products) are the sister concern of the company. With hard work, honesty, dedication and by the grace of Almighty, it has gained honor and pride in national and international markets.


Currently we are exporting our terracotta products in European and winter based countries, especially in Italy. We promise to keep our commitment before we plan to expand our opportunities in other markets.


That’s why we have also a short but notable reputation in import market as well. Mostly we import food supplement and cosmetic products.


Hard work, Honesty, Commitment, and Dedication are the core values of the company since its time of inception. However, currently compared to older management this young management emphasis more on the freedom of work. we also challenge each other ideas regardless of our position in the company. No matter what the role one has, if she/he can come up with a better idea and can defend smartly, we will go with her/him.


What makes us different from its other kind is that, we are not afraid of moving fast and making mistakes as long as we are learning from them. In fact we encourage that! As we internally say don’t ask for permission to do something, go ahead, do your job and ask for forgiveness later.