Brochure-part 1

  • An over view of Terracotta:

The amazing charm and beauty of hand crafted tiles and bricks lies in the variety of shape, color, design and texture that make one an unique creation of art. From the colonial period of time, in Khulna region of Bangladesh, the craftsmen are making these phenomenal pieces followed by their ancestors. It’s rare to find such warmth and passion in machine made one. We cordially invite and welcome you, from the core of our heart, to keep alive this long rich heritage.

Today, no one is making finer or more beautiful tiles and bricks than few of our skilled craftsmen in Talavera tradition. Each piece is the result of strong dedication of the artisans to the crafts. They do work with their heart and soul starting from the selection of soil from the paddy land to packaging of the pieces in the pallets.

Our tiles and bricks are durable. It will last for centuries under congenial condition. These will not fade or peel. It can be easily wiped for cleaning.  We don’t add any modern chemical based color/glaze in our product. It is the natural color of the tiles and bricks that come out after firing.

It is not surprising that our floor tiles have been chosen for terracotta style kitchen designs. The terracotta brick wall features and wooden ceiling beams have a very good match to create a homely feeling. It can also be integrated into both open plan kitchens and dining areas or standard layouts. Square floor tiles look great in a grid structure and emphasize the rustic beauty. Rectangular tiles more often used in a running bond pattern to create a traditional themed feel in the kitchen. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, terracotta floor tiles work great in both small areas and wide layouts. It can also be used as a stylish backsplash design.

It is important to create a warm and welcoming entrance to home or office and our terracotta tiles have all the qualities to simply offer it. These tiles are available in the size of square (15 ×15) cm which is suitable for small porch areas.

In order to bring a rustic look in hallway, our natural handmade terracotta tiles will undoubtedly help to highlight the unique look of ceiling spotlights. Walking on clay based terracotta tiles in hallways produce less noise than many other materials.

As a complement to the terracotta floor design, many people decide to go it with terracotta skirting . it provides a stylish feature to the overall look. it also prevents the bottom of the wall from being damaged. it is more rigorous and durable choice than standard wooden skirting boards.

Our terracotta tiles are excellent choice for bathroom floors and work great as part of rustic bathroom and suite designs matching copper pipes and freestanding baths. it can also be sealed in the bathroom area to create a non perforated surface. for a warm surface under the foot it can used with under floor  heating mats. To continue the rustic theme throughout the bathroom, it can be complemented brick style wall tiles.

For interior design layout, terracotta tiles are really good choice for creating a feature wall. It also suits very well in the in home living and dining areas. it creates a stylish backdrop in any room and match perfectly with popular colors like brown, cream and black.

Terracotta tiles provide the fireplace a trendy surroundings. It is widely used as a part of both contemporary and traditional thematic fireplace designs. it can also be used on both the walls and foundation of the fireplace.

It can be used throughout the home, including the living room floor, especially rooms with old features and barn conversions. it has the strength and durability needed to withstand even high levels of foot traffic in busy areas. it is easier to wipe and clean and are less likely to stain than carpet.

Our tiles are chosen for a wide range of stair designs including the spirals and regular formation. Due to sound absorption capacity of terracotta, it is an excellent choice for stairs. It is also recommended for porch steps.