18mm Terracotta Wall Panel System Helps Reduced Weight of Wall Area

18mm Terracotta Wall Panel System Helps Reduced Weight of Wall Area

LOPO China offer many variety thickness of terracotta panel, such as 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm, 30mm, 45mm, 50mm etc. 18mm Lightweight terracotta wall panel system has excellent durability, reduced weight per unit area. What’s more , a secure “clip and hold” affixing system make 18mm terracotta panel ideal for new construction as well as retrofit and re-clad applications All these feature makes the beauty of terracotta façade tiles available at an attractive cost.

18mm Terracotta Wall Panel for exterior wall is designed as a ventilated curtain wall solution and is produced from environmentally and responsible clay-based construction materials. LOPO Terracotta panel is available in small and medium format elements. And LOPO customizes each order to meet the client’s desired dimensions. LOPO offers an extensive range of colors, surface finishes, textures and profiles ensures a place in almost any project. LOPO’s expertise in complex mixing techniques and traditional firing methods set the standard for Terracotta facade design. All LOPO Terracotta products are weather and frost resistant.

18mm terracotta facade panel can achieve compelling visual effects with profiled surface grooves and textures, available in Natural, Grooved, Sand, Strip-line, Corrugate, Wood grain finishes etc. Except that, LOPO also produced glazed finishes, available in matte and semi-gloss, feature white or colored clay slip coating applied to the terracotta body to impart colors or textures. Architect-specified glazed finishes are also available, allowing an additional range of colors that can be manufactured specifically for a given project.

Many building owners, designers and construction teams are now considering terracotta wall panel whenever renovating and reconstructing façades with this system, which supports rainscreen wall panel up to 1,800mm in length and 1,200mm in height. For more details, please contact us.

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