Terracotta Cladding
The Terracotta Cladding System has become the first choices of exterior wall decoration for more and more upscale buildings.
Terracotta cladding is made from 100% natural material, mainly composed of natural clay mixed with natural water, and with high temperature firing work. Combined with other facade system materials, such as glass, stone, steel etc., the terracotta wall cladding systems crate the fantastic facade wall designs. It is widely used for the exterior of the building as an alternate to exposed brick masonry, which is rugged and untidy. The terracotta facade cladding system can solve this problem perfectly. The terracotta surface can be either glazed and unglazed with a variety choice in colors.


Customized colors, size, surface is acceptable.

LOPO Terracotta Cladding System including these products:


Certificates of LOPO Terracotta Wall Cladding:
Certificates of LOPO Terracotta

Terracotta Cladding System